❂ UPLIFTING ❂ | Music to Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety & Drift into a Deep Slumber

🌩️ ”Storms don’t come to teach us painful lessons, rather they were meant to wash us clean.” – Shannon L. Alder. 🌩️

When life throws unexpected challenges at us we can begin to feel despondent, scared, fearful, stressed and full of anxiety.

By taking some time out to relieve stress and anxiety by listening to uplifting, calming and peaceful relaxation music can assist you in ”weathering the storm” and be able to relax and take a step back from the chaos.

This relaxing angelic music from Sleep Easy Relax can help you calm and uplift your mind, body and soul.

Close your eyes and imagine your are in bed by the ocean. There is a storm all around you, but you know you are safe. The storm moves closer, sometimes with lightning striking close to you, but you continue to feel safe and calm. You know you can get through this storm and you will come out feeling stronger and more calm.

After 20 minutes the storm passes and the sky is completely dark, you begin to feel calm and relaxed. You snuggle down and fall into a deep and calm slumber.

Enjoy this keith smith dream relaxing music.

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Album: Rilisara (663)

🎡 For best results listen to this music at a pleasant low volume as you relax or are facing a particularly stressful day πŸ’€.

May you have beautiful days full of love.
All the Best,
Keith Smith Sleep Easy Relax

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Sleep Easy Relax Keith Smith (663)
This work is not intended to substitute for professional counselling or medical assistance. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.

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