💤ASMR: DRY & WET SPIT PAINTING for anxiety and depression!💙(ASMR kisses & kiss painting)💤

Hey friends!!

I really enjoyed trying out some new spit painting styles!! I hope you enjoy!🥰❤️

Lots of love and sleep well! 💤💤💤❤️

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00:00 Rambly Intro

02:50 video start

4:40 asking for consent to start the brain cleaning

5:15 dry spit paint anxiety sweeping starts

6:45 fast sweeping

8:10 tell me what’s making you anxious

11:26 what are you worrying about?

12:35 WET spit painting – mopping up your worries (lots of visible spit)

17:33 plucking your worries out

19:44 WHAT IS THIS?!

20:15 the ASMR will go on

21:25 I’m going to give the depression den a gentle clean

22:14 DRY spit and kiss painting starts

23:55 I love you! Kisses and gentle reassurance. Giving you a safe space to open up

26:53 blowing away any leftover muck

27:47 it was lovely to see you!

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