A Day In The Life Of Depression and Anxiety – Getting The Day Started With Prayer

A Day In The Life Of Depression and Anxiety – Getting The Day Started With Prayer.

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each other through God’s word and prayer.

•A day in the life of anxiety or depression is tough. Until you go through it, you can’t

know how it feels and how hard it can be to just do basic tasks. 

•Through this and other vlog videos, I hope to connect with others who may be suffering from anxiety and depression. 

•Coping with anxiety/ anxiety disorder or coping with depression/ depressive disorder does not have to be done on your own.

•Depression and prayer, coupled with the Truth of God’s word, are a match made in heaven. 

•I am no good if I don’t pray before leaving my bedroom each morning. I need that time with God in the morning to start my day. I am NOTHING without God. 

•You too can draw strength from prayer

to help you live with, and eventually overcome depression and/ or anxiety. 

•God’s word is living and active; it is life giving.

The word of God literally saved my life.

•If you are living with depression…if you are living with anxiety…this video may look like a mirror of your life. 

•There are ways through it. There are ways to heal your body, mind, and spirit and we can do it together.

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A day in the life of depression and anxiety can be eased through connection to each

other and connection to God. Share my journey with me and along the way you will

learn ways to cope with anxiety and depression. We deserve happiness. 

We deserve health, and we deserve to live a life full of all the good that God has in store for us. 

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