A DEEPER Understanding of HEALTH ANXIETY | Dr. Rami Nader

Health anxiety can have a significant negative impact on a person’s life and general sense of well-being. But to an extent, we all have health worries, so when does it stop being regular health worry and when does it become Health Anxiety? The worries in Health Anxiety tend to differ from typical health worries in a number of ways, including: the health worries are excessive; the health worries lead to unhelpful behaviours such as reassurance seeking, excessive checking or avoidance; the health worries are persistent; and the health worries cause significant distress and interfere in a person’s day-to-day activities. As a result, Health Anxiety results in a number of problems and difficulties in a person’s life. Some of these problems associated with Health Anxiety and health worry are:
1. Health anxiety can interfere in relationships with close friends and family.
2. Health anxiety can negatively affect relationships with your doctor or other health professionals.
3. Health anxiety can have a negative effect on a person’s work or school performance.
4. Health anxiety can negatively affect general life satisfaction and enjoyment.
5. Health anxiety can contribute to significant financial difficulties.
6. Health anxiety can contribute to unpleasant physical symptoms of anxiety, which can then exacerbate the health anxiety itself.

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