AUTV Explores | Towyn and Kinmel Bay Beach in North Wales

Join me and the crew as we head to Towyn in Abergele, North Wales for a stroll around the local shops. Unfortunately for us, Knightly’s Fun Park and Fun Land Tir Prince were both closed, even though we visited in the last few days of June. But that didn’t stop us having a nice time.

We had a quick look around some of the amusement arcades and won a little Peppa Pig soft toy and then after a nice chippy tea from Towyn Fish & Chips on Towyn Road, we headed to Kinmel Bay beach just up the road. What an absolutely stunning part of Wales. An endless stretch of glorious British beach. The sun was out, it was a little windy, but you can’t help but take in the beautiful scenery Wales has to offer.

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