How this YouTuber with 1.5 Million Subscribers Overcame Anxiety Around YouTube | Brittany Vasseur

I hope you enjoyed this video about how to overcome anxiety as a content creator with @Brittany Vasseur! Make sure you check out how Beauty YouTuber Samantha March Opens Up About her Divorce (How she is moving forward on YouTube)

0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – Brittany’s struggle with mental health
4:55 – Brittany turns her mental health struggles around
7:36 – How long did it take to feel better?
9:45 – The pressure of maintaining a large YouTube channel
11:16 – Should you take breaks on YouTube?
12:16 – Creating a schedule that is manageable for you
13:33 – Brittany does everything herself!
15:42 – Dropping from 2 videos a week to 1
17:19 – What does a typical week look like for Brittany?
22:10 – How Brittany balances her other social media
24:38 – How many hours does she spend on one video?
27:18 – What stresses Brittany out the most?
28:31 – Working with brands
31:40 – What is your #1 struggle with YouTube?
31:58 – What’s your favorite video you’ve done?
33:38 – What is your #1 tip for preserving your mental health?
34:20 – Have you ever wanted to give up?
35:57 – What video were you excited about that bombed?
36:53 – Brittany does NOT check her views!
43:37 – What is your YouTube superpower?
45:58 – Connect with Brittany!
45:37 – Ready to grow your channel? Head to!

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