PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) || psychology || class 12th || types of anxiety

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I am here to tell you some ideas 🤗🤗that you can put in your psychology file that will help you to achieve good🤞 marks in your practicals👍🏻 it’s about type of anxiety the post traumatic stress disorder if you like this image👍🏻 please share and subscribe to my channel to be a part of my YouTube family and tell me if you want image🤜 for other and write a disorders🤘🏻 also I will provide you with that please comment me below about that thank you if any queries related to practical file please tell me below I will surely help you🤘🏻👇
some of your queries
#PTSD attack
#PTSD test
#PTSD causes
#what are the 17 symptoms of ptsd?
#learnwithfun PTSD symptoms in women
PTSD diagnosis
Types of PTSD
PTSD definition Psychology

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