What Is Anxiety? The Channel Mum Anxiety Series

We hear the word anxiety quite a lot, but what is anxiety exactly? In this second part of the official Anxiety Course, Psychologist Emma Kenny and lots of very brave parents have gone through the different signs and symptoms that you can experience when you suffer from anxiety. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for our self-help guide which will have lots of helpful tools and techniques that might help you to control your anxiety.

Do these signs and symptoms sound familiar? You can take our anxiety quiz to find out if you need help here:

And if you ever need someone to chat to, you are not alone. Drop a message into our Support Group and you’ll be sure to find someone who understands exactly how you are feeling –

Make sure you check back to our Anxiety Course page for all the other helpful tip videos which will be posted in the coming weeks:

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*Disclaimer: The information in this video was correct at the time of publication. Always check with your health professional first. Channel Mum full terms and conditions apply:

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